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Anhui Fengyuan automobile industry was established in March 2009 with a registered capital of 2009 million yuan, and its address is in Lixin Industrial Park, Bozhou City, Anhui Province. The company covers an area of 60 mu, with a construction area of more than 56000 square meters and a total asset of 150 million yuan. It has long-term strategic cooperation with Zhejiang new energy automobile industry alliance group, SAIC Hongyan, JAC, Xuzhou Heavy Industry and other companies. With the product development and technical improvement of new energy intelligent sanitation vehicle, it is a specialized sanitation vehicle manufacturing enterprise approved by the Ministry of industry and information technology of the people's Republic of China, which integrates the R & D, manufacturing and sales of new energy sanitation vehicle, sanitation engineering and other products. Fengyuan automobile has 278 employees, 78 technicians, 69% of management and technical personnel, including 68 technicians related to new energy, more than 20 test and inspection equipment, more than 100 sets of production equipment, facilities, workshops and production lines for refitting and production of new energy vehicles, and hardware conditions for independent production. Since 2012, the company has established the new energy business department of the technology research and development center, and the R & D team of electric vehicle and vehicle controller has the R & D ability, which is specially responsible for the R & D and project implementation of new energy vehicles.

After years of development, Fengyuan has become an integrated sanitation and cleaning solution supplier integrating R & D, manufacturing, marketing and nanny type after-sales service with strong R & D capability and technical foundation. In the face of the demand of new energy and environmental sanitation market, the company continuously develops new products, creates new industry standards, pays close attention to the technical changes of the industry, and provides new comprehensive solutions more in line with the requirements of environmental sanitation.

Fengyuan actively promotes the green development strategy, introduces the  pure electric sweeper technology, and improves the development quality and efficiency through continuous innovation. With the implementation of the national new and old energy conversion strategy, Fengyuan, in combination with the characteristics of the industry, seizing the opportunity of transformation and upgrading, integrating industry resources, will make the sanitation vehicle bigger and stronger; develop artificial intelligence, and upgrade the road sweeper series products to intelligence. At present, Fengyuan has four series of products, including electric sanitation car, electric washing machine, electric sweeper, electric washing car, etc. the products cover municipal roads, sanitation, large squares, tourist attractions, colleges and universities, factories, airport supermarkets and other cleaning fields.

Fengyuan provides customers with a complete set of comprehensive new energy and sanitation solutions of "machine fast and universal sweeping, garbage collection and intelligent management"; it provides customers with an open sanitation cloud platform. Based on the concept of "low carbon, energy saving, environmental protection and intelligence", the company innovates the sanitation industry with science and technology. While inheriting the traditional automobile manufacturing process, the company adheres to the cutting-edge technology and today's "Internet of things" ”Under the guidance of concept, by integrating advanced computer application and communication technology, using Internet, cloud computing, big data collection and other related technologies, connecting personnel, vehicles and facilities involved in environmental sanitation work through intelligent equipment, using the travel path monitoring and video capture of each environmental sanitation work vehicle, the whole process of real-time monitoring of the operation time and scope of each equipment . operation efficiency and effect. Fengyuan has established its own marketing and after-sales service network. Many marketing offices and after-sales service centers have been set up in major cities across the country, covering most provincial capitals and prefecture level cities. At present, Fengyuan has sold its products to more than ten countries abroad

Adhering to the development and operation concept of "honesty and virtue, scientific and technological innovation, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win", we will vigorously implement it with the spirit of never slacking and the attitude of unremitting struggle, carry forward the spirit of craftsman, constantly carve our own products, and constantly improve our own technology. In the future, Fengyuan will continue to take "everyone creates beautiful environment" as its mission, constantly improve the service system, innovate products, and bring customers higher quality services and products.

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